App Categories

These are the judging categories for app entries. You may enter an app in as many categories as you like.

Don't see a category that fits your project? Email us at and let us know which new categories you'd like to see added.

General Categories

  • Art & Performing Arts
    Serves as art or focuses on dance, stage, or other artistic performance.
  • Blog
    Focuses on discussion or informational content.
  • Business
    Promotes or provides information about a business.
  • Children's
    Intended for an audience 12 years old or under.
  • E-Commerce
    Pertains to consumer purchases online.
  • Educational
    Created for instructional use.
  • Entertainment
    Created for entertainment value.
  • Experimental
    A non-traditional use of media.
  • Games
    Pertains to games.
  • Government
    Created for use by a governmental agency.
  • Health & Fitness
    Pertains to health, fitness, medicine or medical fields.
  • Music
    Pertains to music performance or promotion.
  • Nature
    Pertains to the outdoors, animals or natural world.
  • News
    Pertains to news coverage.
  • Non-profit
    A project produced for or by a non-profit organization.
  • Product Promotion
    Primary purpose is to sell a product or service.
  • Productivity
    Provides tools or functions which help accomplish tasks.
  • Public Service
    A public information message or service.
  • Religious
    Pertains to religion.
  • Self Promotion
    Pertains to the promotion of an individual.
  • Social
    Pertains to communication or sharing content between individuals.
  • Special Event
    Pertains to a live event.
  • Sports
    Pertains to a sporting event.
  • Travel
    Pertains to travel or destinations.

Craft Categories

  • 508 Compliance
    Access for people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities will be judged.
  • Animation
    Only the animation will be judged.
  • Graphic Design
    Only the graphic design will be judged.
  • Musical Score
    Only the music will be judged.
  • Photography
    Only the photography will be judged.
  • Sound Design
    Only the sound effects and mixing will be judged.
  • Typography
    Only the text layout and design will be judged.
  • User Interface Design
    Only the user interface will be judged.
  • Writing
    Only the writing will be judged.