Award Statues

A Showpiece

The Omni Award’s design is hand crafted and personalized, creating a beautiful showpiece signifying your accomplishment. Its style reflects the careful design choices and attention to detail that you invested in your production.


The Omni Award carries with it the distinction of being chosen by your peers as an example of excellence. Displaying the Omni allows clients to recognize your level of success and professionalism. The Omni rewards your company, employees and production crew for the long hours and extra effort that made your entry possible.

The Omni Award is also a great tool for demonstrating the quality of your production to your client. Any winning award may be customized to honor your client on your behalf.

And the Winner is...

All winning entrants will receive a certificate and a prominent listing on our site.

Statues may be purchased for all members of your team and for your clients. You may customize the name, title of the production and inscription for each statue and certificate. Additional certificates and frames are also available. Purchases are made online through your Omni Awards account.