What are the Omni Awards?

The Omni Awards exist to recognize outstanding achievements in film/video, web and mobile media. We welcome entries from the United States and countries all around the world. To date, we have received entries from all 50 States in the U.S., and over 47 countries.

What can I enter?

Films/Videos, Websites, and Apps can all be entered in the Omni Awards, as long as they meet these requirements:

  • Must have been completed within the last 3 years.
  • Must have a web address where the content can be viewed or downloaded.

What are the entries judged on?

The Omni Awards has many categories in which you can place an entry. The categories determine the judging criteria. Some categories, like Graphic Design, apply to all types of entries, while other categories, like Cinematography, only apply to Films/Videos. When you submit your work to the competition, you may choose any number of categories to enter.

See the Entry Categories page for detailed information about all categories, and the Judging Process page for details about how entries are judged.

When is the contest and when can I enter?

The Omni Awards holds a competition twice a year. The first competition in the Spring, and second in the Fall. You may submit an entry at any time during the year, and it will be automatically entered in the upcoming competition.

See the Deadlines and Dates section of the Official Rules for complete details.

How will I know if I have won?

At the conclusion of the contest, all entrants are notified by email of their award status and total score. These notifications are typically sent within one month of the completion of the most recent competition. You may also log in to your Omni Awards account and view the status of each of your entries. All winners of the most recent contest are listed publicly on the Omni Awards Winners page.

What do the winners receive?

Winners will receive recognition on the Omni Awards website and one foil-embossed certificate. They may also order additional pre-framed certificates and statues. Get full details on the Award Statues page.