Judging Process

The Omni Awards judging process brings together a wide variety of talented professionals working for highly respected companies.

Our judging process is rigorous. Patterned after the Emmy Awards, the Omni Awards committee uses a panel of three peer professionals who independently judge your entry based on a standard set of criteria for your type of entry. Each judge scores an entry on a scale between 1 and 10. After your entry is scored by all judges, the scores are averaged to attain the entry's combined final score. At the conclusion of the judging process, each entrant will be notified by email of their entry's score.

To receive an award, the score must be above a 7.5 on the 10 point scale.

Award LevelScore Range
Gold9.5 - 10.0
Sliver8.5 - 9.4
Bronze7.5 - 8.4

Board of Advisors

Each of the areas of this competition will be evaluated by a board of advisors in their respective areas of expertise. Your peers, people who know what it takes to achieve the level of production you are exhibiting, will judge your entries.

Represented Companies

Companies represented by the awards committee include the Olympic organization committee, CNN, NBC, ABC, PBS, US Army, Cartoon Network, Disney, Associated Press and Sodium Entertainment, among many others.